How a group of 45 Jersey citizens was asked to make recommendations that could drastically change how we live

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In May 2019 the Jersey government declared a ‘climate change emergency’ by an almost unanimous 40 votes to one (Sarah Ferguson if you’re wondering) which also included within the Proposition the ambitious demand of achieving “carbon neutral” status by 2030. Not to be confused with going “carbon net-zero” where you produce zero carbon emissions but carbon neutral, where you reduce your CO2 emissions as much as possible and then, usually, pay to offset the rest.

You can also go “climate positive” where you move beyond net-zero by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to create an environmental benefit but…

Despite its illegal occupation of Palestinian territories, being accused of war crimes and widely recognised as an Apartheid regime Jersey continues to build its “strategic partnership” with Israel

Destruction of Gaza Photo Source: Wikimedia

This article was first written for Jersey Dispatch June 28, 2015


The Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip have been under an illegal Israeli military rule since they were occupied in the 1967 war. Today they are referred to as the “Occupied Palestinian Territories” and the Palestinian people have now been denied the right to self-determination and statehood for over sixty years.

Six million Palestinians make up the oldest and largest refugee population in the world, hundreds of thousands of whom still live in overcrowded camps in the West Bank and Gaza, and in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Here they…

But concerns remain over the Independent Children’s Homes Association appointed to conduct it


On the 29th of July, the Jersey government announced in a press release that it had invited the Independent Children’s Homes Association (ICHA) to review the Island’s residential children’s homes. Its Chief Executive, Peter Sandiford, said he very much welcomed the opportunity to share knowledge and understanding of residential childcare with Jersey to “jointly further develop their current services”.

Children’s Minister Senator Sam Mézec stated that he looked forward to welcoming the ICHA as part of the “commitment to ensuring that our service for children meet the highest standards” and that the decision to engage the ICHA is in-keeping with…

And why how we see the past continues to shape our present

Following the murder of George Floyd by police and subsequent global protests driven by the Black Lives Matter movement, the news has been dominated by coverage of the toppling of various statues around the world due to their associated histories of exploitation, murder and slavery of indigenous populations.

After the George Floyd protest held in Jersey’s People’s Park, impressively attended by more than a thousand people, the statue of Sir George Carteret in St Peter was defaced with white paint and a petition is currently doing the rounds calling for its removal due to his past links to slavery.


Jersey’s General Hospital Image source: Wikimedia

Recent news reports have shed some light on the UK government’s approach to the coronavirus, revealing that not only has it failed to act appropriately to the threat of the virus but that it also wilfully misled the public by downplaying its severity. This has no doubt influenced our own government’s response to the virus and arguably put Jersey lives at greater risk.

A day after the city of Wuhan in China went into full lockdown, an article published in The Lancet from Chinese doctors on 24 January confirmed deaths were ‘rising quickly’ in the city. …

And how treating land as a commodity helped create “Generation Rent”


If there’s one clear class divide in Jersey it’s between those who own property and those who rent. Landlords have the benefit of not only living in an appreciating asset but owning another one that they are able to rent out to obtain an income off of.

Classical political economists such as David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill, Adam Smith and later Karl Polanyi who helped shape the birth of modern economics understood the risk that landlords could have in seeking “economic rent” from society through monopoly ownership of scarce resources such as land, extracting the wealth and concentrating it into…

When it comes to climate breakdown, it’s business as usual for Jersey’s government

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The recent Africa-UK Investment Summit in London has raised questions over what future role Jersey is to play in the fight against climate change. The event was promoted by the UK government as an opportunity to strengthen its partnership with African nations in order to “build a secure and prosperous future for all our citizens”.

External Relations Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, was also in London during the Summit as part of a 48-hour visit involving meetings with African leaders including Rwandan President H.E. …

Why the case of Julian Assange represents one of the biggest threats to Western democracy

Anything to say?” A Monument to Courage. Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning, the fourth chair is our chair. Photo credit: Simone Ramella

Care about the freedom of the press? The rule of law? How about human rights and the crimes of your government? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then the punishment of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should be of the utmost importance to you. His case reveals two things. One, the idea that we live in a free society governed by the rule of law is an illusion and two, despite history, many still can’t recognise when they’re being collectively brainwashed and their freedoms eroded.

Let’s look at some of the facts. Firstly, he’s never actually been charged…

The UK’s new Prime Minister has assembled one of the most self-serving right-wing cabinets in living memory

Alexander Johnson with US President Donald Trump. Photo Source: Wikipedia

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has become the UK’s 77th Prime Minister, “elected” by less than the population of Jersey to act in the best interests of over 66 million people. Which apparently means assembling one of the most right-wing cabinets in living memory.

Dominic Raab, who’s on record as saying “I don’t support the Human Rights Act”, doesn’t believe in social and economic rights, and said back in 2011 that men are getting a raw deal and that “feminists are now amongst the most obnoxious bigots” is the new Foreign Secretary.

Below is a car-crash radio interview with Lizz…

Wildfires Photo Source:

Enjoying the recent spate of good weather in Jersey, with the usual accompanying shots of beaches, ice creams, barbecues framed with superlatives like ‘perfect’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘stunning’, it’s easy to forget that we are in the midst of a climate emergency.

The idea that the climate crisis was some far-off distant notion in the future has been shattered by the UN’s special representative on disaster risk reduction stating that climate-driven disasters are now happening at the rate of one a week. As we’ve basked in our ‘glorious weather’, parts of the world have been under siege.

June 2019 represented the…

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